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If I could give a negative 100 stars I would. Worst customer Service EVER. I am 60 years old and I can honestly say I have NEVER had such poor customer Service. There is never any follow through EXCEPT asking for more fees. I am closing an account right now that has taken since July to get this far. Still not closed. They have lost forms I have sent in, then claimed they couldn't open duplicate forms sent via email (which three other companies... Read more

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We had 2 accounts with Sterling Trust, then Equity Trust as a result of their merger. Their fees were totally exorbitant and we decided to close the accounts and transfer the assets elsewhere. The asset in question was real estate, so all that was required of Equity was to sign over a new Deed to the new Trustee (and we provided them with the Deed). I started this transaction in February of 2016 and told them I wanted it complete so I wouldn't... Read more

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Terrible experience. I was to participate in bank subordinated debt. Final deadline for releasing funds was 4 pm with closing next day. At 3:55 I was informed they would not hold the investment. No reason. Thousands of legal fees for 5% of total loan delayed. They should be investigate. Total disorganization.

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I am consistently astonished at how completely awful your online delivery has been this year (2016)! At the beginning of the year EI was unable to deliver first quarter statements until the end of April, that is AFTER Taxes are due! Your fees may not be the most expensive but your service is the worst. Now, you are asking us to update our passwords and, AGAIN, your website FAILS. Also, if you have national accounts, you should have people... Read more

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I've had a client pass away with a number of beneficiaries. It took 10 months to get an account set up for each of the beneficiaries & now, after 2 more months, I still can't get the assets transferred out to another firm. I've talked to a number of different people on a number of different occasions to no avail. Every g....*** one of them are clueless and if you don't like the answer, just hang up & call back. You'll get another clueless... Read more

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This company charges exorbitant fees! Over 10% for an IRA. I have a Delaware Charter retirement account that went through many hands and now is with Wells Fargo. When I called today about the fee that Equity Institutional charges, they were not even able to locate my account, they put me on hold and then requested all the same information previously requested when they picked up again. This fee is excessive and the service minimal. Is... Read more

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We received a "fair market value" IRS notification on an IRA and a Roth that my mother in law (now deceased) had. I sent the death certificate, copy of estate paperwork, birth certificates and the forms needed to close the accounts and send a check. The form promised three day processing. A week later, I checked and Equity Institutional said they never got my fax (although the fax paperwork says otherwise). I emailed all the documents... Read more

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I had some assets recommended by Daryl Calton and Assoc(phoenix) that were put without my consent or knowledge into equity institutional. Equity charged high fees and rendered poor service. I had a need for the money for home redo and asked to have my IRA transferred to my main accounts at Schwab. The Schwab people assisted me with this. I needed the money mid jan 16 so started the process of transfer dec 1, 15. I received the money in my... Read more

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I have tired to close an account for 2 years fist under Serling and now under Equity International. There is .88 in the account and they want 250.00 to close the account or 50.00 year to keep an .88 account open. This was an IRA and all funds should have been divested 2 years ago when the investment company the funds were associated with when bankrupt. I have provided the paperwork on the bankrupt and they sent me my funds but did not close the... Read more

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I transferred 401K assets to this company as they were reccomended to me by Morgan Gold (out of business). Initially it was fine as I had a place to store my non traditional assets. It was $150 a year when I started and is now up to $250, over triple what I pay locally for storage. Honestly Im concerned I may never see a dime from these people again. They cash in my coins (at face value although they're worth many times that) to cover for any... Read more

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